You can configure an existing instrument using the Experiment Designer application.


  1. Click Instruments.
  2. Click Actions and choose Manage instruments.
  3. To configure an instrument, click the ellipsis (…) button.
  4. Click Configure Instrument.
  5. The instrument status changes to configured.
  6. Click Done to close the dialog.

Select a configured instrument to view the instrument interface screen on your Experiment Designer application screen. When a run is completed on an instrument, the run details appear in a table showing the run history, at the bottom of the screen. For each run in the table, you can:

  • View the run report for a method or test run
  • Download the run report for a method or test run
  • Download the run files

The options are available as icons in the rightmost column of the run history table. You can also process multiple run reports at a time by selecting the check box next to the run report name.

Once every hour, in the Experiment Designer application, on the Instruments tab, the instrument interface login screen pops up.


After configuring, removing, or moving between different instruments in the Instruments tab, it takes a few seconds to get the screen updated and for the updates to display.