Following are the parameters on the Review and Send page of the Experiment Designer application.

Review and send page parameters




Select from:

* View statistical power settings

* Displays information about the power settings.

* Export as CSV

* Exports the experiment information in CSV format.

* Download report

* Downloads the report in PDF format.

* Manage instruments

* Displays a list of available instruments and can configure or delete an instrument.

Method Name

Review or change the method name.

Select Instrument

Select an available instrument.

Table View

View the method information in a table format.

Plate View

View the method information arranged on a plate.


* View the input method information arranged on the plate.


* View the output method information arranged on the plate.

View method report

View the method report in PDF format.

Download method files

Download the method file to your computer.

Process Order

The processing order of the sample.

Input Sample Position

The input sample position on the plate.

Output Sample Position

The output sample position on the plate.


The batch number of the sample.

TMT Channel

The TMT channel name of the sample.

Sample Name

The name of the sample.


Factor name of the sample.

Run Summary

Summary of the experiment run.

Method Name

Name of the method.

Kit Type

Type of kit.


Sample setup details.

Estimated Run Time

Estimate of the method run time.

Statistical Power Estimate

Estimate of the statistical power of the method.

Study Number

Statistical power value, by study.

Next Step

Advance to the next page of information.