Following are the parameters on the Setup Plate page of the Experiment Designer application.

Setup plate page parameters




Select from:

* Clear plate setup

* Clears information from the page.

* View statistical power settings

* Displays information about the power settings.

* View Keyboard Shortcuts

* Displays a list of keyboard shortcuts for this screen.

Color plate by:

Select from:


* Color the plate by sample information.

* Study

* Color the plate by study information.

* Factor Name

* Color the plate by factor information.

Statistical Power Estimate

Select from:

* Study Number

* View the statistical power estimate of the selected study.

View Details

View the statistical power estimate details of the selected study.


The sample well or sample position on the plate.

Study Name

The name of the study.

Sample Name

The name of the sample.


Factor value.

Next Step

Advance to the next page of information.