Following are the parameters on the home screen of the Experiment Designer application.

Experiment designer home screen parameters



Method Setup

Set up an experiment from the available options.

Label-Free (LFQ) Sample Preparation

Creates a Label-Free (LFQ) experiment.

Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) Sample Preparation

Creates a Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) experiment.

Import method file

Imports method file in CSE or CSV format.


View the available instrument(s) and their status.

Actions (Available on the Instruments screen)

Select from:

* Manage instruments

* Displays a list of available instruments and can configure or delete an instrument.

* Configure by IP address

* Configures an instrument by static IP address.


Displays the method design history and can:

  • Open a file.
  • Download a method file.
  • View a method report.
  • Download a method report.
  • Delete a file.
  • Download multiple method and report files.
  • Delete multiple files.

i (Help)

Displays the following:

  • Experiment Designer Help (Context-sensitive).
  • Quick Start Guide (Downloadable PDF).
  • User Guide (Downloadable PDF).
  • Preinstallation Guide (Downloadable PDF).
  • Installation Guide (Downloadable PDF).
  • Kit Guides (Downloadable PDF).

Settings (gear icon)

Displays the following settings:

  • Default Save Location:
    Select the default location to save the files after each run.
  • Software Updates:
    Checks for available software updates and can display all software versions.
  • Statistical Review:
    Can edit the Minimum Biological Effect and Coefficient of Variation assumptions or restore their values to system default.
  • File Name Convention:
    Can edit the file name convention to a new default by using available or custom options or restore to system default convention.
  • About:
    View the legal notice and the EULA (End User License Agreement)