After the sample information is added, the studies, factors, and values are defined, the plate is set up with the samples, and the batch or sequence information is assigned, review the method file and send it to the instrument or export to a USB drive.


  1. (Optional) Review or change the Method Name.
  2. If more than one instrument is available, select the instrument to run the experiment. If no instruments are on the network, save the method file to a USB drive.
  3. (Optional) Click Table View, to review the samples in a table format.
  4. (Optional) Click Plate View, to review the placement of samples on the plate.
  5. (Optional) Click the icons to view the method report as a PDF file or download the method files in zip format.
  6. Verify the Run Summary on the screen.
  7. When finished, click Next Step.
  8. The instrument responds with a confirmation and next steps.
  9. The method file can be downloaded from the History screen.
  10. NOTE

    If any information in the method is invalid, an error message is displayed with the error details.

  11. Click Return to method setup to return to the Experiment Designer home screen.

To run this method file on the instrument, see Use a saved experiment method to run the instrument.

If the Experiment Designer application is not used for an hour, it enters the idle state. Clicking on a configured instrument when the application is in idle state pops up the instrument interface login screen. The instrument is considered inactive when no service function or method is running or when the instrument isn't being handled physically.

Once every hour, in the Experiment Designer application, on the Review and Send tab, the instrument interface login screen pops up if a configured instrument is present on this screen.