Each method can contain one or more studies containing at least one factor with minimum two values.

If you imported a method file, Experiment Designer completes this page automatically.


  1. Select the number of studies you want to create.
  2. For Study 1 Name, type the name.
  3. For the first Factor Name, type the name.
  4. For Value 1, type the value.
  5. For Value 2, type the value.
  6. If the factor has more than two values, click Add Value and type the additional value.
  7. It is required to have at least one factor with two values to proceed to the next step.
  8. Add more values if necessary.
  9. If the study has more than one factor, click Add Factor, and repeat the previous steps.
  10. If you are creating more than one study, click Add study and enter a name for Study 2.
  11. Repeat the previous steps as necessary for Study 2 and any other studies.
  12. When finished, click Next Step.